Oklahoma, OK

Oklahoma is the 20th largest state in the United States.  Originally set aside as Indian Territory in the 19th century, the large demands of the cattle ranching industry led to an increasing need for land in the territory.  Demand for surplus land eventually culminated in a series of land rushes, most notably the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, where settlers were permitted to claim plots of land acquired by the United States government.

Agriculture remains a significant part of the state economy although manufacturing and the production of oil and natural gas make up the largest parts of Oklahoma’s economic output.  The state’s circumstances as an Indian Reservation, settler state, and to some degree a southern state has created a very diverse culture with many festivals and traditions.  Although it was settled relatively late Oklahoma is indicative of pioneer states with settler, railroad, and Native American historical elements across the state.

Oklahoma’s population is concentrated in the center of the state around Tulsa and Oklahoma City.


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